About The Author


I’m Jan Guerrero, and my blogs are dedicated to teaching my readers to stand firm in their faith against spiritual warfare. As a child, I was barraged by thoughts that God didn’t see me, that I didn’t have value, that I was unlovable, and that I was a mistake. Although I accepted Jesus into my heart at early age, I believed his promises of forgiveness and acceptance were for everyone, except me.  I had head knowledge, but not heart knowledge, of his love.  And as the devil’s lies went deeper and deeper into my heart, they began to choke out God’s word.

You are not alone. And you do not have to be a victim any longer, tossed to and fro by the devil’s schemes and lies. But in order to stand firm in your faith, you have to be able to decipher God’s truth from Satan’s lies. I hope my blog helps you move from victim to victorious.

  1. kimberly anne says:

    Amen sister! Love you. Thank you Jan for sharing with us.

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