Thanksgiving is special — it’s the One Day a year we all stop the busyness, slow down, and purposefully acknowledge the blessings we have. But what about those who are knee-deep in the Turmoil of Tragedy? Is it possible to be Thank-Full in the midst of deep sorrow, grief and pain?

The answer to that question lies in the Last Supper scene.

As recorded in Mark 14:22-24, after taking the bread, Jesus blessed it and gave it to the disciples to eat in remembrance of his body. Jesus then took the cup, and after giving thanks, distributed it among the disciples, as a symbol of the blood He was about to shed. What makes this so remarkable is the timing. On the very night Jesus is betrayed by Judas into the hands of those who would mock, insult, hit, spit upon, flog and crucify Him, Jesus doesn’t lash out. Instead, He utters a blessing and gives thanks.

In the quiet moments of the Last Supper, Jesus models something quite profound. He chooses to be gracious, grateful and Thank-Full.

A dear friend once told me that although we cannot always choose the Painless Path, we decide our mode of travel along those Rough Roads — we can either walk them with God or without Him. This Thanksgiving, if you’re in the midst of a Valley so Deep and Dark that Shadows threaten to overtake you, make the choice to allow God to enter into your Pain. The Father is the Only One who can Heal you — take your Broken Halves and make you Whole again. Even on Empty, it’s possible to be Thank-Full.