Current Culture has become increasingly hostile to the idea of going Through nearly all forms of Hardship. This has fueled the misconception that in Tough Times, we should take the first exit off the Hard Highway. As the view of Struggling continues to be devalued, it’s become more popular to point the finger, rather than take a pointed look at ourselves. But the Storms of Life do have value — they ignite maturity, breaking off the things which Hinder us. Repeatedly skipping the Storms by constantly taking Detours around what’s Difficult only serves to stagnate our growth; we end up more focused on what’s wrong with others, rather than what’s wrong with us.

Although, at times, we may be pitted against a person or a particular group of people, we have to look Beyond them because our Greatest Opponent isn’t physical — its spiritual.

The Bible plainly tells us that Satan is our enemy. While we may easily see the manifestation of the devil’s Lies in others, we are often Blinded to the ones WE house in our hearts. Scripture describes the devil as roaming to and fro, searching for Open Minds in which to plant Weeds of Anger, Dejection, Disappointment, Despair, Disillusionment, Discouragement and Resentment.

Although not built of stone or brick, a spiritual Fortress is similar in design to a medieval castle. But instead of safeguarding people, a spiritual Fortress protects Lies, which it will defend against attack at all costs. Belief drives Behavior, so if we take Satan’s Lies to heart, then the devil becomes the one we listen to …. submit to … and follow. The more Lies we ingest, the quicker we spiral downward into his Dark Dungeons of Unforgiveness, Co-Dependency, Anxiety, Fear, Doubt, Depression, Bitterness, Envy and Jealousy.

What starts as a Foothold can quickly grow into a Formidable Fortress, and the only way to demolish it is from the Inside Out.

2 Corinthians 10:3-4 says, “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.”

The Word of God is the only weapon capable of bringing down a spiritual Fortress, but we cannot wield it unless we know it and accept it as true. God’s Word tells us that we are loveable, worthy, forgiven, cherished, adored and treasured. Satan, on the other hand, tries to get us to believe the opposite: that we are unloved, unworthy, unforgiven, despised and rejected.

Jesus came to free us, but there’s one catch — we have to partner with Him and go Through the process of being set free. Always the perfect gentleman, Jesus will never Liberate you against your own will. Instead, He stands outside the door, waiting for permission to enter. Open the door — allow Him to tear the Weeds of Distortion out of your Mind-Field, and replace them with the Fruit-Bearing Seeds of God’s Word. Let God’s overwhelming love wreck your Fortress, tearing it down, Lie by Lie, from the Inside Out. It’s the only way you’ll ever truly be Liberated.

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