Jeremiah 44:2-5 says, “Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: You have seen all the disaster that I brought upon Jerusalem and upon all the cities of Judah. Behold, this day they are a desolation, and no one dwells in them, because of the evil they committed, provoking me to anger, in that they went to make offerings and serve other gods that they knew not, neither they nor you, nor your fathers. Yet I persistently sent to you all my servants the prophets, saying, ‘Oh, do not do this abomination that I hate!’  But they did not listen or incline their ear, to turn from their evil and make no offerings to other gods.”

When we worship God, we reflect back to him our acknowledgement of who he is – the 1 true God: the Maker and Creator of the universe, our Provider, our Protector, and our Savior. Our relationship with God is a covenant: just like a wedding, we vow to remain in the relationship for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. In worship, we re-pledge our love and commitment – that we will maintain our covenant relationship with him, even when our circumstances and our feelings threaten to lead us astray.

Every day you are Pursued – by your Deliverer (God) and your Destroyer (Satan). The Deliverer wants to give you joy. The Destroyer wants to steal it. The Deliverer truly loves you and will remain faithful and committed to you through the ups and downs of your walk with him, unlike the Destroyer who will never stop reminding you of sin that God has forgiven and forgotten. If painful circumstances and trials have led you astray, turn back. Your Deliverer deeply loves you and wants a personal, committed relationship with you. Enter into worship re-pledge your vow to him. Whom will you worship today? It’s your choice. Choose wisely.