What label are you wearing?  I’m not talking about your clothes, your purse or your shoes.  I’m talking about the labels that no one ever sees — the ones that keep following you, no matter how hard you try to outrun them.  You know, the trashy ones.  How many of those are you wearing?  Those labels come from the devil — not from God.  The devil will always label you, but God will always love you.  In fact, God loves you so much that he allowed his very own son, Jesus, to be crucified on the cross so that your sins would be forgiven.  Jesus died for you, because he loves you.  So if you’re wearing one of the devil’s labels, throw it in the trash where it belongs.  And the next time Satan tries to whisper in your ear, tell him to stop his trash talking.  Refuse to let the devil remind you of what God has already forgotten.