Satan told Eve that if she believed him (rather than God), she would become like God. But all she got was a truck load of pain and problems. By accepting the lie, Eve gave Satan exactly what HE wanted — the legal right to put thoughts into her mind, and ours.  Satan is a liar. What he tells you is for his benefit, not yours. Your mind is a field — what you grow is directly related to what you plant. Like weeds in a garden, Satan’s lies will eventually choke out God’s word. But there’s a catch – the only way the devil’s lies can take root in your mind is if you accept them. Satan may have the legal right to put his lies in your mind, but you have the legal right to fight back, using the word of God, which is sharper than any two-edged sword.  God’s truth cannot grow in toxic sludge.  Ladies, if you have weeds, pick up the sword of truth.  It’s time to start weeding.