At some point, we all face difficulty: death, divorce, disease, disappointment – the Downpour Days – days of darkness and sadness where  lingering doubts expand and hope shrinks.  We look for a hiding place, away from the pain and trauma, but that only leads to isolation.  And in the midst of the Downpour, if we allow ourselves to lose hope that better days are ahead, we find ourselves Behind The Iron Curtain –  the deep, dark pit  called depression. The devil will  tell you that there is nothing to hope for – that your days will always be dark.  But the devil’s words  are worthless because he does not have the power to predict the future. Do not be deceived -there is Hope.  This Hope wants to be found. He goes by the name of Jesus and He is the only One who can pull back The Iron Curtain and lift you up out of the deep, dark pit of depression and despair.  Call out to Him.  He will answer your call.